Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to the future, seder-style

We've been going to our old friend's home for the second-night seder almost every year since her kids and our son were in elementary school, through her difficult years, her divorced years, and her remarried year and a half. This is her second seder since her remarriage.

Now that her kids and our son are all in their twenties, it's been a long time we've had a child-oriented seder, so I wasn't expecting one. I'd completely forgotten that her step-granddaughter, previously introduced to my readers as the little shadchanit, is now a very talkative synagogue-pre-school student.

Much to my surprise, I didn't mind foregoing the adult-oriented discussions, of previous sedarim. Maybe I was just too tired from trying to kasher my house with two half-healed formerly-broken wrists.

Or maybe I'm just ready to have grandchildren. There are some drawbacks to having a son who's not even halfway through grad school. Oh, well.


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